Save you the cost and problems of managing foreign resources remotely

PRA will identify, qualify and develop suppliers, and source local products to support your global supply chain. We will close gaps in your current supply program and implement new practices / strategies to improve the performance and resiliency of your existing supply chain.

Sourcing of locally produced products

  • Review of product specifications, quality requirements and volumes.
  • Identify, qualify, and develop suppliers.
  • Negotiate business terms.
  • On-site quality control.
  • Lean manufacturing and supplier development.
  • In-country supplier management and support.

Logistics Coordination

  • Advise on import/export quotas and regulations.
  • Establish freight forwarding.
  • Manage import/export documentation.
  • Provide home country customs clearance.
  • Act as in-country trading company.

Case Studies

Cost Reduction

Location: Multi-Region

PRA identified nearly $7 million in cost savings on a client’s internationally sourced components. That is roughly 23% of the original product cost on an annual spend of $29 million.

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