Business development in vibrant markets is different but it does not have to be difficult!

PRA will utilize our on-the-ground resources to conduct a multi-country market analysis then provide you with a strategic RoadMap using our Crawl, Walk, Run methodology. This approach will help minimize the cost and risk associated with global expansion while allowing you to capitalize on high growth markets using PRA expertise, infrastructure and resources.

Listen & Analyze

  • Listen to your competitive pressures.
  • Understand your objectives and goals.
  • Conduct market analysis tailored to your industry and products, and select the optimal market(s) for review.
  • Identify competitors and potential customers.
  • Identify suppliers, manufactures and other potential partners to form strategic relationships.

Build & Execute

  • Build and execute a strategic RoadMap based on your timescale and objectives.
  • Provide a RoadMap that includes budgets, ROI estimates and timelines.
  • Our focus is on in-country implementation in a phased low-risk method.
    • Crawl: Market entry preparation & early export sales.
    • Walk: Expanded sales, warehousing & distribution.
    • Run: Full manufacturing for local market export.

Operate & Transfer

  • Manage and operate your client’s business in-country.
  • Transition the business operation when you are ready to ‘Fly Free’

Case Studies

Market Selection

Location: India, Indonesia, Thailand

PRA evaluated the markets of India, Indonesia, and Thailand. PRA assisted the client in selecting a market. Following the project PRA was contracted further to first build a market entry RoadMap and then implement the plan in India.

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