An emphasis on finding the right partner for each market

PRA utilizes our in-country teams around the globe to provide information on potential agents & distributors. Agent & distributor searches are a key offering for trade focused economic development programs to support local businesses. PRA’s broad global footprint enables organizations to reach beyond their current resources using PRA’s simple and effective search method.


  • A local search by our in-country team provides a list of potential agents and distributors.
  • The list is evaluated and sorted against the requirements of the client company.


  • The identifed targets within the list are contacted to determine if there is a potential fit and to determine the level of interest in a business relationship.
  • This qualified list is sorted by best fit and presented to the client.

On-going Follow Up Support

  • If required our staff can assist the client in the selection, negotiation, and finalizing of a business agreement.